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5 years ago

I'd like to setup a (mozilla) blog, although don't have the equipment (or know-how) to host my own server. Can one please be setup for me? I have been told that this is where I would request help, so hope it reaches the right group.

Many thanks,
Karen, PR needs to ack any new blogs on  CCing them on this bug.  I imagine you'll need to provide more information of what URL you want, etc to them.

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5 years ago
Hi Karen,

thanks for your request. I'm with Mozilla's Communications team and we are currently in the process of drafting Mozilla Blog Guidelines for all official Mozilla blogs - the draft can be found here:

As we are trying to streamline comms channels, having rather fewer with more traffic than more with little traffic, I was wondering what you are interested in blogging about and whether you could contribute to an existing Mozilla team blog? Firefox for Android updates usually go on the Future of Firefox Blog, announcements on new releases on the Main Mozilla Blog. We also used to have a Mobile Blog ( but as you can see, it's been almost retired. 

I'm copying Erica Jostedt, Product Comms Manager, in case you are interested in reviving this blog.

Many thanks,


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5 years ago
Hi Valerie,

I totally hear your concerns about focused channels of communication - and it would certainly be one less thing I would have to worry about on a consistent basis! However listening from the group and community, it feels that there is a gap in promoting the mobile browser story on a consistent basis.

My angle wouldn't be to write about current features or technical implementations - my colleagues seem to have that in hand. The aim and goal would be to reach out to the current community - and grow it to new members - to really engage them on the future of the browser. Get discussions going around their expectations and usage, new ideas we are mulling for the future for feedback, and really get them engaged and collaborating on where we want to take the browser. 

The mobile blog itself could be resurrected, but with Firefox OS, I wouldn't want to create confusion around the mobile story - unless we can tailor the blog page in such a way that we can categorise between OS, mobile and tablet? That could be an idea?

Again, the idea is that it's more product and community focused, instead of technically focused.


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5 years ago
Hi Karen,

if you are planning one-off posts or even a series of posts targeted towards community, would it then make sense to publish these on the Community Blog ( Would you like to talk to the blog's content leads Aakash and David to see whether this would fit in? Could also create a new category within this blog if that helps.


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5 years ago
This is now a tracker bug... let's open separate bugs for every MW instance we know of, and handle them independently. Some are behind extra auth and probably less critical (although they're also typically more out of date, so maybe they're still just as bad).

The main blocker is maintaining our custom skins... we currently have no significant dev resources.
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4 years ago

I am looking at old bugs and ran across this one. I am not sure what Comment 5 has to do with the initial request. Can anyone on this bug tell me if the bug is still relevant or explain what action is necessary from C5?

Bulk move to Websites::blogs component, per bug 1353528
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Closing this out 5 years later. Please file another bug if needed, thanks!
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