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This upgrade will include
* A fix to a visibility bug noticed when building firefox with libc++ (
* asan improvements for os x.
* a bit of performance work.
I suspect you mean for this to be in Release Engineering.
Yes, thanks.
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I have just copied the files with:

ssh -L
scp -P 1500 * respindola@localhost:/var/www/html/runtime-binaries/tooltool/sha512/
ssh -p 1500 respindola@localhost
cd /var/www/html/runtime-binaries/tooltool/sha512/
chmod 444 ...
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Use a local copy of tooltool and

In the next update I will try to merge and, this is a step in that direction.
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build the new version
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update the clang manifest. To be committed after try is done.

I have removed


since they are redundant with the releng manifest now that OS X has switched.
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The try run is at

and a dummy run for comparison is at
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Depends on: 785102
Depends on: 785936
Depends on: 787568
Depends on: 793643
Blocks: 797525
The results I got with diff-talos were:

MacOSX 10.6 (rev4)                | (2854.75909091, 16.9361015385) -> (2760.39916667, 15.0210672414) 1.0342x worse
MacOSX 10.7                       | (2802.51916667, 22.2119552504) -> (2731.13333333, 18.5358431148) 1.0261x worse

MacOSX 10.8                       | (2150.70909091, 2.0410165778)  -> (2168.07272727, 4.95538710857) 1.0081x worse

MacOSX 10.6 (rev4)                | (412.080090909, 0.684712591228) -> (410.255769231, 0.966515525145) 1.0044x better

I went ahead with the upgrade because:
* These are compiler changes. Since we run the same binary on 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8, any "real" regression is expected to show up on all of them.
* I could not reproduce it locally.
* This upgrade is blocking more important ones: 797564, 797525 and specially 793109.
* On the last upgrade the regressions that I was seeing comparing two try revisions did not materialize on m-i (no email).
* This is extremely easy to revert if the regressions turn out to be real.
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Duplicate of this bug: 798293
Depends on: 799572
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