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Add most "" prefs to about:support


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about:support should include prefs.

There are at least a couple prefs that I assume should not be there for privacy reasons, like and, but most should be included.
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Hi Drew,

I am interested in working on this bug. Can you please help me get started? Which files should I look into?

Hi Abhishek, sure, thanks for volunteering!  Have you gotten the Firefox source and tried building it?  First you'll need to do that, and these pages explain how:

Then you can fix this bug, which should be easy.  All you have to do is add the following strings to the PREFS_WHITELIST array here:  Please add them so that PREFS_WHITELIST remains in alphabetical order.*

Once you've done that and rebuilt Firefox, you should be able to change any of these preferences in about:config and then open about:support and see the preference listed.

Let me know here in the bug when you have questions.  You can also join #fx-team on IRC to talk to me and other Firefox developers.  I'm adw there.
For posterity, I chose the above preferences by searching mxr for all strings.  I came up with this list:

A minus (-) means that pref should not be listed in order to protect the user's privacy.  A question mark (?) means I thought the pref might be useful to troubleshooters.  I checked each pref on mxr to see how it's used, and to be honest I'm not sure about a lot of the question marked prefs.  I'm not even sure whether some of them are used anymore.  But I erred on the side of showing them, figuring that it couldn't hurt.

And I chose to specifically name whitelisted prefs, as opposed to simply whitelisting "" and then blacklisting the minus'ed prefs, so that if we add a new download pref in the future that should be blacklisted but we forget to do it, it won't appear.
I built firefox with the patch applied and ran, but could not find those prefs in about:config.
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Added prefs to PREFS_WHITELIST

Review of attachment 8559628 [details] [diff] [review]:

Thanks!  I actually am able to see those preferences in about:config, but only after I modify them.  Are you sure you did that?  What I mean is, you need to open about:config and paste any one of those preferences into the search box at the top.  If the pref already exists, then it will be listed; if it doesn't exist, then the search won't find anything.  If the pref already exists, then you need to make sure it's bold, which means it's modified.  If it's not bold, double-click it and then change the value.  If the pref does not exist, then you can right-click, choose New, and then the type of the pref.  For example, is a boolean, so choose Boolean, and then choose True as the value.  Then open about:support or refresh it if it's already open, and you should see the new pref.

Of course you need to make sure you rebuild Firefox first after you change the code.  In this case, running `./mach build toolkit/modules` should be enough to rebuild it.

::: toolkit/modules/Troubleshoot.jsm
@@ +43,5 @@
> +  "",
> +  "",
> +  "",
> +  "",
> +  "*",

Oops, my mistake, but this should not have an asterisk (*) on the end.  This string should end in a dot, like this:


Could you please change that and attach the new patch?  Or if you prefer, I could do that myself.  Let me know.
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(In reply to Drew Willcoxon :adw from comment #5)
> Thanks!  I actually am able to see those preferences in about:config

I meant in about:support.
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Added prefs to PREFS_WHITELIST

Review of attachment 8559971 [details] [diff] [review]:

Looks great, thanks!  I'll land this later today.
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