Ubuntu One "Need an account" link takes user to a broken page.



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1) Open the Preferences dialog
2) Choose the Attachment Pane, and the Outgoing tab
3) If there are any Ubuntu One accounts listed, remove them.
4) Choose "Add"
5) Select Ubuntu One from the list, and click on the "Need an account" link.

What happens?

The user is taken to a busted page that says:

Something has gone wrong

"Sorry about that. This problem has been reported to Ubuntu One engineers and we'll fix it as quickly as possible. This may be a temporary problem, so try again in a few minutes.

You can also review the current status of Ubuntu One which may contain more information about this issue.


For general information on Ubuntu One, subscribe to our mailing list, check our blog, or follow Ubuntu One on twitter, identi.ca, or facebook."

What's expected?

The user should be taken to a page that allows them to sign up for the Ubuntu One storage service.

Thunderbird is attempting to send the user to the following address:


I'd have to guess that this is a problem on Ubuntu One's side. I'm Cc'ing the appropriate folks.


7 years ago
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it no longer 404s but now goes to a generic page, please make it go to a signup page instead
I am now getting the following error message when trying to upload a file to ubuntu one using TB 15 on Ubuntu Precise:
2012-08-23 15:46:16     UbuntuOne       ERROR   exception = 503 - Service Unavailable

Mike and Ubuntu folks: is the service really unavailable?

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7 years ago
Service back up now: temporary blip, sorry about that.

The /services/ page we direct to is, for now, the best choice: it has a sign-up button on it. Because U1 handles signups through Ubuntu SSO, the "sign up" page is owned by Ubuntu SSO and so may confuse Thunderbird users who expect to see U1 branding on it. We're working on this to unify them, of course.
Thanks Stuart!

looks like it's mostly fixed, i have successfully upload a 100MB file using Ubuntu One but still having problems with larger files (i.e. 200MB files or bigger still occasionally fail). This is probably due to network latency and/or API and / or server issues that most people won't run into (i.e. >=200MB files are not normal :-) !)  so i am going to mark this resolved fixed.
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7 years ago
What Stuart says is correct: the actual signup page requires authentication, and that sends people to login.ubuntu.com, requiring email validation to continue for new users.

My rationale for sending users to the /services/ page was that users would be more likely to complete the process if they had some more context before being asked to create an account (similar to the context they'd have if they were signing up via the web or the desktop client).
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