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I'm based in Singapore. As part of the test day, today was the first time I tried the Mozilla Marketplace. I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 running CM9 RC2

The installation experience of the Marketplace itself was awesome and quick. I was able to quickly search for apps etc.

The apps themselves are another story. While I was able to install them fine (I'm going to take AirBnB as an example) and the installation was instantaneous (woo!) running the app was an entirely different story.

First run, click on the app and had to wait for over 8 seconds before the page loaded. Coming from having tried apps on both iPhone and Android devices and tablets for the last 2 years before this, the load time seemed unacceptable. After loading, the logo on the top right of the app was never visible properly (nitpick).

Went on to the second app, which was MyWordBook by the British Council. Same story, installs in an instant, app itself is slow. I went to Settings -> Take a test to assess your level. Out of the 18 questions, 12 were super fast and fine. The other 6 would randomly "hang", no response from the app for over 4 seconds (during which the word would be hilighted in a different colour sometimes).

From an end user perspective, these apps do not look nice on the phone at all. I've spent a lot of time comparing apps and well, after all these years Android apps are probably just catching up to the iOS world in terms of "appealing" to the end user. I don't see that in any app so far. They all look bad, have issues on the S2 (which is by far NOT a bad phone).

Coming to Galactians2, same thing. Initial start time for the app is > 10 seconds. But once past that, the game was pretty smooth. Played through a few levels and everything was fine. I'm not sure if we're in control of where ads are placed, if we are, we should move it either completely to the bottom or the top of the screen. They're positioned in a pretty weird place right now.

Thanks for all the hard work folks!
Going to dup on the perf bug that's tracking this, as that's likely where the work would happen to improve this.
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Duplicate of bug: 779974
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