Selecting "tools">"Add-ons" brings up a "loading" icon that never finishes.




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Steps to reproduce:

Selected 'Tools'>'Add-ons'. Selecting "Extensions" produces a blank page also

Actual results:

Loading icon appears and never quits loading

Expected results:

After a 'reasonable' amount of time the page should populate with the current Add-ons. By selecting "extensions" the page should show extensions.

Comment 1

5 years ago
I am looking for a conflict that is causing my "roboform toolbar" not to show. When I start Yahoo with "Add-ons disabled" the bar is in place. It just disappeared a few days ago.
Use "[x] all addons" in the safemode (restart without addons) startup dialog to disable the addons permanently. The addon manager should work without addons and most likely one of them is also breaking the addon manager. You can now enable them one by one to find the addon that is causing this issue.

Please contact the support under if you have further questions.
Last Resolved: 5 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME

Comment 3

5 years ago
I did as suggested in your reply. Now all my tool bars are gone (I guess I'll have to re-install them all)and when I select 'Add-ons' the loading icon just keeps going and going. Maybe if I can fix the add-ons manager I will be able to enable the toolbars again, I hope. Anyway, how do I fix this Add-on manager?
Disabling the addons should fix the addon manager.
If that doesn't fix it try :

and if that doesn't work repair your profile:
open about:support (enter as URL) and click on the right side on the "reset Firefox" button.

Comment 5

5 years ago
New development. I uninstalled the Firefox copy, used a software pkg to erase all remnants of it and reinstalled Firefox! Obviously losing all my toolbars, etc. Selected 'tools'>'addons' and the same thing is happening. The addons magr just keeps loading and the extensions page is blank. Plugins work. I ran malware tests and my system is clean, bug-free and virus free. I tried to install some toolbars anyway, just tom see if they would install. The files download and install but they do not show up. Any suggestions?
Yes, create a new profile or repair it. I don't know what this tool does and I'm not sure if the profile is really gone.
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