The "Get New Account" button needs wordsmithing



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Window-shot of the "Manual config" dialog. Why is "Get a new account" button there?

The "Skip this and use my existing email" button offers a good way to bypass "". Unfortunately, all subsequent dialogs continue to feature the "Get a new account" button, which leads one right back to "".

This is confusing -- at least, to the users I am helping -- people enter credentials for their EXISTING accounts and click on the button instead of "Continue". And even if they do, the button remains present on all subsequent account-configuration dialogs (even in the "Manual config")...

An endless loop results and the only way out is to call support -- myself... Can something be done, please? Perhaps, the button needs to have an icon like "<<" to signify, that it means, going back to the first screen? Not sure...

Was this feature sponsored by and they inserted the button into every screen on purpose?..
it does seem misplaced in the workflow. 

However it must be there by design, and perhaps it is because "cancel" does not take the user back to an account setup dialog, where such a button would make more sense?
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It is, indeed, there by design.

The problem with changing it to "Back" is that the user might not have come from the New Account screen.  And we want to give the user the option to switch between creating a new account, and configuring an existing account.  (While Mikhail's users might all want to configure an existing account, two thirds of the people who downloaded Thunderbird expected us to give them an email account, so getting a new account is by far the more requested option.)

Having said that, I would be open to considering alternate wording for both the "Get a new account" and "Skip this and use my existing email" buttons to reduce the confusion, but please no more conspiracy theories about who's getting paid off by whom, okay, Mikhail?  ;)

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5 years ago
Summary: The "Get New Account" button → The "Get New Account" button needs wordsmithing
Maybe we should sort of merge these two dialogs? For instance, you'd only have "(hamburger) -> New -> Mail Account..." (as opposed to "Get a New Mail Account" and "Existing Mail Account"), and then the first thing that pops up would ask "Do you have an existing mail account, or would you like to create a brand-new one?"

For bonus points, this could all be done in a tab so that we have more space to work with.
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