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[traceback] search exception during auto_lock_old_questions cron job


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I've been getting the error below in cronmail. We fallback to pushing this off to celery, so our index should be fine. But we should fix whatever is wrong:

INFO:k.cron:Updating 120 questions
ERROR:elasticutils:{'filter': {'and': [{'term': {'model': 'questions_question'}}, {'in': {'id': (921635L, 921581L, 921648L, 921688L, 921690L, 921685L, 921568L, 921628L, 921615L, 921590L, 921587L, 921583L, 921609L, 921608L, 921687L, 921573L, 921588L, 921591L, 921633L, 921604L, 921643L, 921652L, 921689L, 921631L, 921691L, 921592L, 921656L, 921680L, 921638L, 921597L, 921665L, 921684L, 921600L, 921644L, 921646L, 921660L, 921676L, 921616L, 921663L, 921686L, 921653L, 921626L, 921564L, 921673L, 921625L, 921575L, 921674L, 921683L, 921682L, 921681L, 921679L, 921678L, 921677L, 921655L, 921605L, 921664L, 921672L, 921671L, 921670L, 921668L, 921642L, 921612L, 921577L, 921659L, 921657L, 921666L, 921667L, 921651L, 921578L, 921662L, 921606L, 921586L, 921571L, 921658L, 921607L, 921566L, 921654L, 921619L, 921649L, 921617L, 921584L, 921647L, 921614L, 921632L, 921640L, 921621L, 921641L, 921620L, 921618L, 921636L, 921639L, 921585L, 921582L, 921613L, 921634L, 921622L, 921637L, 921627L, 921603L, 92
 1629L, 921630L, 921611L, 921624L, 921599L, 921596L, 921602L, 921594L, 921601L, 921593L, 921598L, 921569L, 921595L, 921579L, 921589L, 921580L, 921574L, 921565L, 921576L, 921572L, 921570L)}}]}, 'size': 120}
I have a suspicion that the server that runs cron can't talk to ES for whatever reason. We need to either fix that or push all ES calls to celery tasks.
This was actually fixed once IT fixed the configuration of the admin box.
Closed: 7 years ago
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