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Need CI script for B2G xpcshell tests


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This script would parse the output of an xpcshell run on B2G, and upload the results to autolog.  

A similar script that handles this for B2G mochitests is here:
I kept the hardcoded parts as they are in Marionette's post_to_autolog.

Also there are some whitespace fixes.
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Pushed to try to make sure it doesn't break existing xpcshell runs in buildbot:
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post_to_autolog functionality in

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In general this looks good.  But there are a couple of things that seem awkward:

- it seems awkward to force code to supply actual and expected results when it has what moztest thinks of as a calculated result.  I think it makes sense to allow moztest to accept a calculated result, in which case it can infer the actual and expected results.
- it seems strange to fake the start and end times.  Many of our test harnesses (for good or bad) just track the test duration, not explicit start and end times.  I think moztest should optionally accept a test duration, rather than forcing it to be a calculation.
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Depends on: 788279
Depends on: 788828
This assumes the changes in #788828 have landed.
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modify according to feedback

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Looks good, thanks. I'll land after bug 788842.
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Depends on: 788842
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Product: Boot2Gecko → Testing
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