Backspace key won't delete message in VMWare Fusion/Linux



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It's odd, because this was supposed to be fixed by bug 242864 ages ago, but using VMWare Fusion (i.e. OSX host operating system) and Linux Mint VM, I can't delete emails in Thunderbird with "delete": I have to use "Fn + Delete", which is super-tedious.

I've mucked around with VMWare settings.  I can map "Delete" to send "Forward Delete", and that fixed thunderbird, but made "delete" behave like, well, delete, i.e. I no longer have a backspace key, which makes the terminal unusable.

IOW it really does appear that VMWare is sending a backspace press when I hit "delete", but thunderbird seems to want to see "forward delete".

So tiny, yet so irritating!

Comment 1

2 months ago
Hi, is this still not working?

In current code we try to accept both backspace and delete to delete a message:
  <key id="key_delete" keycode="VK_BACK"
  <key id="key_delete2" keycode="VK_DELETE"
  <key id="cmd_shiftDelete" keycode="VK_BACK"
       oncommand="goDoCommand('cmd_shiftDelete');" modifiers="shift"/>
  <key id="cmd_shiftDelete2" keycode="VK_DELETE"
       oncommand="goDoCommand('cmd_shiftDelete');" modifiers="shift"/>
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Comment 2

2 months ago
Sorry, I don't actually know--I moved my email off my virtual machine a while ago.
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