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Research: Should all MDN users be allowed to edit the titles and slugs of articles?


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Before we can move forward with bug 773252, we need to know if every user should be able to edit the titles and slugs of articles.

Sheppy, Jean-Yves: Can you please discuss and share your decision here?
I think:

1) We should separate the two.
2) We should allow anyone to edit the title of an article
3) The slug change should be a page move. It should work well (allowing moving page to the same slug but with a different case, creating the needed 301 redirects, updating old links in the wiki, moving sub-pages). The page move credentials shouldn't be given to anyone.
4) We should be able to separate alone-page-move and page-with-subpages move. The first one should be allowed to almost anybody, the second one should only be given to trusted people.
In Japanese, editing the title of an article needs for anyone because title of an article may be translate or change to better translation after the first translation.

And changing the slug needs for catching up with English changing in most case.

If credentials need, in Japan, there are no full-time contributors for MDN,
so credentials setting system like Mozilla Verbatim is good for trusted group administration.
Groovecoder's recent PR puts solution in place:
Closed: 8 years ago
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Component: Website → Landing pages
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