Please - It's time to refresh the hold music



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6 years ago
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I think some of the phone servers are actually missing the hold music altogether after our recent office deployments.  This would be a good opportunity to make a package of songs we can put on all of them.


6 years ago
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6 years ago
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Oh please. 

Save me. 

I see bug 524782 is 3 years old, I am CURRENTLY listening to "It's a better browser".

After that many years, "enhancement" doesn't seem right anymore. So I changed it.
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5 years ago
Maybe just sound forest sounds? music is actually just generally annoying.  Scratch anything I suggested above :)

How about

Seriously though, can we do this?


5 years ago
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Duplicate of this bug: 666005
(In reply to Brett Gaylor [:brett] from comment #0)
> For remotees this is especially acute, and note that the Firefox song still
> comes up.

(In reply to Laura Hilliger [:epilepticrabbit] from comment #2)
> I see bug 524782 is 3 years old, I am CURRENTLY listening to "It's a better
> browser".

"Teach the World a Browser" has been removed in Mountain View (again). Not sure how/why it came back.  As mentioned in comment 1, we need to get a package of music distributed to all of the offices.  I apologize for this sitting so long, time to actually do something about it.

(In reply to Brett Gaylor [:brett] from comment #0)
> Here, I am going to suggest some CC licensed alternatives:





This one kinda sounds like someone shouting at me.  Not sure it's appropriate :) (don't want to scare anyone)


*I* like this one.  I think the style's a little too heavy for hold music though.


This group seems to make use of pitch warping a lot, which will make people question the recording fidelity of our phone system. (I'll sound awful at an 8KHz bitrate)

However, I did snag two tracks off there that do sound suitable:
02. The Perfect Planet
07. You Are a Monster

These are only in Mountain View so far, I need to work on getting them to the other offices still.
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This appears to have gotten done in the places that care about it.  We're about to switch things over to Jive though.  Their system *does* let us post our own hold music.  The default set seems to be the same music that Asterisk uses by default.  I suggest we revisit this once we've moved to Jive if anyone still cares about it (the main place anyone ever heard it was on the weekly calls, and that's on AirMo/Vidyo now, which doesn't have hold music).
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