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UX for interacting with non-default provider


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Bug 774520 is allowing a different provider to be selected via the toolbar notification menu.  However, once a provider is selected, that provider "takes over" the UI - only that provider is shown in the toolbar notification area, in the "share button" area and the sidebar.  In other words, it is effectively impossible to interact with any providers other than the one currently selected, which seems less than ideal.

Issues I think we should clarify:

* Is it possible for the non-selected provider to display toolbar notifications?  If not, do we need to communicate with the provider to indicate their notifications are not being seen?  If we do want to display them, how and where?

* Is it possible to "share" a page with the non-selected provider?  If so, how to we expose that via the "share button"?

* Do we allow toast notifications and/or chat popups from the non-selected provider?  If not, do we need to force-close existing popups as we change providers?
Tossing in my 2c worth of comments...

IIRC we had decided that only the current provider would have a toolbar button since they would take too much space if each had one.  There was a mockup for the multiprovider menu at one point to show that there were notifications for each provider, I'm not sure that is necessary.

IMO share should be available to all installed providers, but it would be ok to only support the current provider initially.  

Toast notifications are a way for non-current providers to say something to the user.  

The chat popups are new.  When we had the service window, we were going to leave those open if the user switched.  Right now, multiple providers in the chat popups "should" work but is untested.  As well, there is an issue with identifying which provider the chat is for, though in my use of Adium I have never cared which provider I'm chatting on so long as I can chat.  Right now workers do have a way to open chats, so it is possible that you can end up with chats from multiple providers.
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The initial multiprovider support only enables the worker for the selected provider, so notifications/etc are not possible for any other provider.  The only potential item here is the second bullet, supporting multiple share providers.  Share is being worked on in bug 818675 and we will likely scope out supporting multiple share providers in the first round.

We will want to think about these items later, so moving this to non-blocking enhancements.
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This is quite old, given the improvements on multiprovider support over the past year, closing.
Closed: 11 years ago
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