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We can now use CPU architecture (ABI) for multiple APK filtering


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In bug 788666, we needed to hack ARMv7 and ARMv6 multiple APKs to use screensize as the way to make the configurations be different. Google now supports "CPU architecture (ABI)" as a way to make the configurations be different.

This should mean we can backout the hack added in bug 788666.
What timing.. at least we can remove the hack though!
We'll want to test on a Google Play test product before officially making this change.
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There is a test build here:

The build has a backout of bug 788666. Can we get some QA testing to see if ARMv6 and ARMv7 works ok on that build?
Works. Tried the HTC Wildfire S, HTC Legend, LG Slider and each got an ~18MB ARMv6 build. Galaxy Nexus/Nexus 7 both got an ~17.3 MB ARMv7 build.
Note that finkle just took down the ARMv6 build in the market. Any further testing will be broken until further notice.
This has been fixed, resume testing
Blocks: 788666
Marking this as fixed for Fx17 based on comment 4.  This also means we can back out the patch from bug 788666 on trunk; leaving the bug open until that is done.
Revert this manifest change that we added to work around Google Play limitations.
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