Google search of Add-on SDK docs on AMO using "latest/" does not work as expected


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5 years ago
AMO hosts different versions of the Add-on SDK docs (1.8, 1.9 and so on), and provides access to the most recent release through an alias (which currently aliases

I'm trying to search the latest version of the docs only, using Google.

If I go to and restrict search to the latest version of the SDK docs using the "latest" alias, like this:

"site: panel"

...then I only see results from a single file, specifically this one:

This is surprising, since the SDK docs also includes files like this:

The only thing different about "accessing-the-dom.html" seems to be that it's brand new in the latest SDK version, while all the other files are new revisions of existing files.

If I restrict search using the exact version number, instead of the alias, like this:

"site: panel" gives me the results I expect.

The motivation for this is to add search to the docs using a Google Custom Search engine (see bug 791115). In that bug I implemented a Google CSE which searches, so as to search only the latest doc set, and it was with that search engine I first saw this problem. But it turns out to be observable at as well.

Note that back in April, when I first implemented the Google CSE, this worked fine, so "something", possibly Google, has changed to break it in the meantime.
Thanks for filing this.  Due to resource constraints we are closing bugs which we won't realistically be able to fix.  If you have a patch that applies to this bug please reopen.

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