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Add stackwalk dumps when unexpected crashes found in JS test harnesses



6 years ago
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6 years ago
Currently, there are some cases wherein we see backtraces from crashes that occur in certain test harnesses. I'm not sure precisely when these cases are, but the code to launch the stackwalker lives in

We also have code in TestRunner that notes unexpected minidump files and cleans them up: This doesn't show us any details about the crash that actually occurred.

At minimum, I feel like we should be able to duplicate the python code in JS (since we do have the ability to launch processes and collect their output) and improve the experience immeasurably.
I'm not really wild about duplicating this logic. The only case where this should occur is if we have a child process that crashes.

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6 years ago
Ah, yes, that is what people on the graphics team were having happen when they were playing with out-of-process compositing patches and IPC tests were hanging.

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8 months ago
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