Misleading error message "Thunderbird is already running..."



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Steps to reproduce:

I suspended the system (Linux Fedora 17 i686).

Actual results:

When thawing Thunderbird didn't come up (this looks like an issue but it isn't and neither is the subject of this bug report). So when I clicked its launcher an error dialog popped-up with something like (didn't write it down but the problematic message is literal):
"Thunderbird is already running. If you want to open another window please close it first or *restart your system*."
The highlighted *restart your system* is completely wrong! At least not in Linux, maybe in Windows or a mobile phone, but in Linux we just kill the process, restarting the system is waaay overkill for Thunderbird just failing to open its GUI.

Expected results:

Some sensible error message tailored to the operating system like "...please close it first or stop its process in the task manager..."
I haven't used Windows for ages but maybe even for it the message should be fixed (that's why I put this report under 'General' instead of 'OS Integration'.
This error message is for user that don't know much about processes and such stuff.
I thought that "linux is only used by geeks" is no true anymore.

Comment 2

7 years ago
Sorry for only answering now, your response had gone into my trash folder :-p

I see the point, that 'restart your system' is a catch all message but it's so overkill that I can't help but feel that it could be improved.
Like many people, even in Windows, should know about the task manager.

It's of course overkill for people who now a bit about their OS and I would agree that the message should be changed but on the other side i know that people like a grandmother could have problems with a changed Error Message.

Note: The error message is shared with other Gecko Products (Firefox, Thunderbird, Seamonkey) and is used on every OS (Windows, OSX, *nix)


6 years ago
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Summary: Misleading error message → Misleading error message "Thunderbird is already running..."
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