Disabling a social provider then restarting removes the social provider from the Options menu




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0) With MoTown as a social provider in about:config
1) Go to about:config and set social.active=true and social.enabled=true
2) Go to the Tools menu and uncheck "MoTown for Firefox"
3) Reopen the Tools menu to see that "MoTown for Firefox" is still present but unchecked.
4) Restart the browser and go to the Tools menu

The "MoTown for Firefox" menuitem will still be present but unchecked.

The "MoTown for Firefox" menuitem is missing.

The menuitem should be shown as long as social.active=true.
I'm not sure if those are the correct STR but they are close. There's something wonky going on and it's kinda touchy to reproduce.
The only wierdness I can reproduce is:

* setting social.active to false doesn't remove the "MoTown for Firefox" menu item - but IIRC, Gavin told me that option is basically a one-shot preference - once enabled it isn't designed to be disabled again - so not removing the UI when that gets reset to false is somewhat expected.

* setting social.enabled to true, even if social.active is false, initializes most of the social UI, but not the "MoTown for Firefox" item.  As above though, I think this is basically an unsupported combination of options (ie, this can only happen via about:config editing)

The second one is the closest I can get to what you describe - social.active=false means "no tools menu option", even if social.enabled is true - but you are explicitly saying social.active was true, so it sounds different.

The 2 boolean preferences might need to be rethought eventually, but AFAIK what I described above is "expected".
Ok, it sounds like I probably got this through flipping some but not all prefs in about:config. Thanks for investigating this Mark.
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