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{% trans %} blocks are extracted into the templates/main.lang file but can't be merged into ab-CD/main.lang


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the base.html and base-responsive.html use a {% trans %} block allowing passing variables to the copyright notice text in the footer, but I can't export that string into main.lang.

Here is the text:

{% trans url='/foundation/licensing/website-content.html' %}
Portions of this content are ©1998–{{ current_year }} by individual contributors. Content available under
a <a href="{{ url }}">Creative Commons license</a>.
{% endtrans %}

The Bedrock documentation says that {% trans %} block behave like _() calls but allow larger blocks of text and passing multiple variables.

steps to reproduce:
1/ l10n_extract
2/ l10n_merge pt-BR

Step 1 does correctly update templates/main.lang with the following string, but Step 2 does not extract these strings into ab-CD/main.lang
mmm, I think I got it working today so it might have been fixed by code improvements in the contribute branch merge yesterday or I was hitting a bug I can't reproduce today. Keeping open until I get time to test more but lowering priority because today it works and I also have the workaround of adding the string with a script to the files.
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Hi Pascal-

Let's add this to the list of bugs to fix/close in anticipation of the MWC wave.

Do you want to assign to someone else to test?

Assignee: nobody → pascalc
Priority: -- → P2
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I just tested again and it works now, it was maybe fixed by the work on trans blocks in Bug 808580
Closed: 10 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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