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add NS_NewIMutableArray


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In the interest of dispensing with nsISupportsArray, it would be nice if nsIMutableArray had a corresponding constructor function to NS_NewISupportsArray.

Granted, there's nsArrayConstructor, but that's internal to nsArray and the xpcom module, and requires mucking about with IIDs and whatnot.
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Why not just "new nsArray"?
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> Why not just "new nsArray"?

nsArray.h is not exported.

nsArrayConstructor also contains a bit of logic to create cycle-collectable arrays if we're running on the main thread.  It seemed unwise to require people to know which kind of array they wanted.
Hrm. I'd really like this to be a C++-y as possible, not perpetuating the old and generally bad NS_New structures.

Why not do this:

* make the nsArray constructor protected
* add a `public: static already_addRefed<nsIArray> Create()` and a comment about how it will create a cycle-collectable array on the main thread and a non-CC array on other threads
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OK, I can try to do something like that.  I thought the whole point of the NS_New* functions was to avoid exporting the internals of the implementation and/or providing more efficient/direct ways to create things without having to go through do_CreateInstance.  I guess that's not the case?
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Avoiding do_CreateInstance, yes (although unless it's in tight loops it doesn't show up in profiles, it's just ugly). Avoiding exporting may have been a goal in the past, but I don't think it's really worthwhile. Let's embrace our C++-ness.
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In the interest of safety, I made the constructors non-public and moved the XPCOM constructor function into nsArray itself.  I also cleaned up the comment block before nsArray; it doesn't look like any of it is applicable anymore.

The one thing I'm not sure about is losing the null check in nsArray::Create as opposed to nsArray::XPCOMConstructor.  But ISTR that new is infallible, or has become so lately...?
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revised patch

Yes, new is infallible now so you can safely remove the null-check.
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Given comment 8, I took the liberty of removing the null check from XPCOMConstructor, too.
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