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Steps to reproduce:

Sync'd with other devices

Actual results:

My carefully organized folder /subfolder structure of a thousand or so business bookmarks was scrambled and unsorted.

Expected results:


Suggestion: A Tag should be automatically created when a URL is manually placed under a bookmark folder.
Also: A Folder column should be added to the Bookmark Library view so that after a search you can tell under which folder it can be found.
Component: Untriaged → Bookmarks & History
this doesn't have any good information to debug the issue, and I guess may be late to collect it now...
Component: Bookmarks & History → Firefox Sync: Backend
Product: Firefox → Mozilla Services
Version: 15 Branch → unspecified
marty's suggestion « Add a Folder column to the Bookmark Library view, so that you can tell under which folder it can be found after a search. »: Is a feature I've been looking for years till now. As it would considerably ease the organization workflow, e.g. organize, merge and clean operations that one has to do so to keep a usable and evolutive Bookmark Library.
Also on the organization side, that would fill a gap with tools (like 'Bookmarks Checker' or 'Deduplicator') that are quick to delete, but with so little control that one may have to rebuild his folders' structure after a single shot.

In short: It's easier to organize your bookmarks when you can see where they are, ain't it?
Additional information:
Symptom 1- bookmarks get stripped of their folder assignments and get dumped under Unsorted Bookmarks.
Cause- attempting to sync too many bookmarks between devices, as reported in bugs 812348 & 813479, still unresolved.

Current Solution - Do Not use Firefox Sync

Symptom 2- A bookmark or an entire folder seems to disappear
Cause- Careless mouse dragging while hoovering over the bookmark list can inadvertently move a bookmark or an entire folder to an unknown location. You can search for a particular lost bookmark, either in the sidebar search box or in the library, but the results will not help you located the bookmark's new location, nor will a search find a lost folder.

Current Solution- Export entire bookmark list to HTML, open it in Firefox and search for the desired mark or folder. It will invariably be hidden under another folder somewhere. Scroll up to identify the next highest folder that can be located in the sidebar, locate the lost folder in the sidebar and move it back to where it should be. 

Kinda like a game of jig-saw hide and seek.
Component: Firefox Sync: Backend → Sync
Product: Cloud Services → Firefox
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