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MPL 2 upgrade: l10n for csb


(Mozilla Localizations :: csb / Kashubian, defect)

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This language needs some or all of its l10n files to be upgraded to the MPL 2 licence. The current status in the aurora repo is:

Summary of Licenses in Files
 Number  Percent License
------- -------- -----------
    210   76.64% <none found>
     49   17.88% mpl/gpl/lgpl (standard block)
      9    3.28% mpl2
      6    2.19% <unknown license>
    274 files processed

I have a script which can do the relicensing automatically. I will provide a patch here. Once a patch has been provided, please commit it as soon as possible. The aim is to have the relicensing finished by the end of September.

Thanks :-)

Attached patch Patch v.1 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
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Assignee: gerv → nobody
Stas: this team doesn't have a page on Can you CC someone from the team? :-)


Updated status

Summary of Licenses in Files
 Number  Percent License
------- -------- -----------
    207   72.13% <none found>
     47   16.38% mpl/gpl/lgpl (standard block)
     27    9.41% mpl2
      6    2.09% <unknown license>
    287 files processed

Also, please update you info on this page, for us it's the best way to know who we can contact
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The Kashubian localization team has shrinked to a single member: me. I'm seriously considering dropping the entire project, but have decided to continue for a bit longer. The Mozilla Wiki has only some basic info, but am unable to maintain it. 

Can you please advise on how to apply the patch? Is this to be pushed just like the translation patches via Mercurial?

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Hi Jurk,
the attached patch is obsolete. I'm going to provide a new one (with instructions) as soon as I solve a problem I'm having with the script.
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Status after applying this patch

Summary of Licenses in Files
 Number  Percent License
------- -------- -----------
    286   99.65% mpl2
      1    0.35% <none found>
    287 files processed

If the patch looks good to you (you can use the 'diff' link besides the patch to check what it's changed), you just need to apply it to your repository. If you're not comfortable with the process, I can do it for you.

hg import --no-commit csb.patch
hg commit -m "Bug 792719 - MPL 2 upgrade: l10n for csb"
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I was able to successfully apply the patch. Upon completion, 219 files were updated. Maybe some files did not require the update?
That's strange. I count 219 modified files in your last changeset, which matches the message you got when committing.

In fact there are still 32 files without license, 6 with unknown license, and 3 with the old tri-license.

Can you try committing this patch with the same procedure? You should have 40 files changed this time. If it doesn't work I'll guess I should try committing directly to your repository, if it's ok for you.

Also: there's an error in the dashboard (, did you have that error before or it's a consequence of the last commit?

40 files were altered. I did not see this error before, but will take care of it today. Also, don't hesitate to commit changes to the repository, if necessary. I'm OK with that. Thanks

Please ignore the error for a couple of days, I think we hit a bug in compare-locales. If I remove the license header the error goes away, I'll update you as soon as I discover what's happening.

And thanks for all the work :-)
The original file had a BOM

When the license header was added by the script, the BOM moved in the middle of the file creating that error. This is now fixed.

More details in bug 890619 (I had to fix that file and also your searchplugins).
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No longer depends on: 890619
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