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MPL 2 upgrade: l10n for lt


(Mozilla Localizations :: lt / Lithuanian, defect)

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This language needs some or all of its l10n files to be upgraded to the MPL 2 licence. The current status in the aurora repo is:

Summary of Licenses in Files
 Number  Percent License
------- -------- -----------
    442   46.43% mpl/gpl/lgpl (standard block)
    376   39.50% <none found>
    122   12.82% mpl2
     10    1.05% <unknown license>
      1    0.11% pd
      1    0.11% npl
    952 files processed
I have a script which can do the relicensing automatically. Please find a patch attached. Please review it and commit it as soon as possible. (The aim is to have the relicensing finished by the end of September.) If there are any problems, please let me know.

Thanks :-)

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Patch v.1

I haven't really read through the whole patch, cause obviously, it's huge and boring. However, I have committed it to Central:

Would that be enough? I'd prefer not to commit this patch to the current Aurora, cause that would probably cause me a slight headache during migration and I would like to avoid it...
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Also, Gerv, would you please run your script on Central and see if there are any more files that would need updating? My Central and Aurora differ slightly, hence the question.
In fact, I made another push: Now the only files that don't have the license headers are:
* Venkman's .tpl files (unmaintained)
*, and similar files
* various .txt files
* images, .rdf and .xhtml files belonging to SeaMonkey help (unmaintained)
Central looks fine - thank you :-) You don't have to check it in on aurora as long as you promise me that your process means that the license change will properly migrate to aurora in 6 weeks time. If that's true, you can resolve this bug :-)

The files you mention are not relicensed because the script can't do them automatically. Feel free to do them manually :-)

Thanks. I'll migrate to Aurora when it's time, and I'll leave the files I mentioned as is.
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