Warn users attempting to close browser when sync is still downloading




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7 years ago
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An initial sync can take time, but users should be warned when attempting to close the browser, if the sync hasn't completed.
Sync is designed such that an interrupted sync shouldn't impact your data in any way.

It is true an initial sync can take some time. That's why we have a progress bar on initial sync.

If a user closes firefox before the progress bar completes, then I think it should be pretty obvious that they won't have all their data synced!

Asa: what do you think?
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Comment 2

7 years ago
Perhaps this is a mistake made by many. But even as a seasoned Firefox user, my experience was

1: install
2: set-up sync
3: watch the progress bar
4: get bored and start surfing
5: get distracted and forget that I was actually waiting for sync to complete
6: close the browser
7: reopen the browser and hope it'd pick up where it left off.

I get that most users should pay more attention to the progress, but the manner in which it's set up, doesn't sufficiently state it's importance and thus with being able to surf while you're syncing and not being made to wait or have some sort of global progress bar, a user can easily accidentally close the browser through sheer negligence.
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