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Screenshot of broken image twisties

The markup panel that can be displayed in Firefox when you "Inspect Element" has its open/close "twisties" implemented using broken images.  This is semantically incorrect, and whilst it looks OK by default, if you enable broken image placeholders, my screenshot attachment illustrates what it looks like.

These twisties should be implemented as DIVs instead of broken images.  For contrast, Firebug implements them as DIVs and so does not have this problem.
browser.display.show_image_placeholders is true by default.

This works fine for me but different images are supplied by different operating systems and operating system themes.

Which OS and Firefox version are you using? It could also be useful to know which system theme or window manager you are using.

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6 years ago
I'm using Windows XP and Firefox 15, but the OS shouldn't actually matter.  What's more relevant is that I have my FeatureFix extension installed, which I've configured to set -moz-force-broken-image-icon to 1 in CSS on img:-moz-broken elements, with a fixed width and height (23xpx25px).  The displaying of broken image placeholders here is correct - they are broken images.  There is no way Firefox should be purposely injecting a load of broken images into the interface.
The only reason that the OS matters is because it provides the image used for the twisties from the OS's own theme. This allows twisties used in Firefox to match the theme used by the operating system.

Thanks for the information, especially about the extension ... this should help us work out why you have no twisties.

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6 years ago
The reason no twisties are visible is because they are covered by the broken image icon.  This is because they are implemented as broken images.

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6 years ago
We have a new markup panel.
Please re-open if this still happening.

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