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Firefox for Android using insane amounts of battery


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Steps to reproduce:

Read some articles in Firefox on my phone on the way to work. 

Using Android 4.0.4 (IMM76D.XWLPX) on Samsung Galaxy S2
Have turned off Firefox sync account a couple of days ago to see if the sync was causing the insane battery usage.

Actual results:

Phone got very warm, and on battery info page I can see that in one hour, 33% of my battery has been used. Of that, 66% (of the 33%) has been used by Firefox, 20% by the screen.

Expected results:

Normally Screen is at least responsible for 50% of battery use. The built in Android browser would normally have used 20% (instead of 66%) with similar use pattern.

I have tried Firefox several times in the past, and this has happened every time. I really love this browser, it's responsive, easy to use etc. That's why I keep installing it. But each time I have to uninstall it to keep it from using all my battery.. :(
Severity: normal → critical
OS: Linux → Android
Hardware: x86_64 → ARM
CC'ing folks, re: plans for future improvements in battery life?
Ever confirmed: true
hennikul: Can you give a list of pages you had open? Would be helpful to try and reproduce.
Today the phone has been 1 hour and 54 minutes on battery. 56% of battery is left, 44% has been used. Of that 44%, 67% has been used by Firefox, 18% by screen. Firefox has a CPU total of 1h 15m, of which forground is 24m. 

I haven't really been on any special pages I can think of. I noticed the phone getting warm right from the start when I first clicked a link that opened Firefox. According to the history, the first link was a link in facebook that opened, which opened the real link in youtube. In Youtube I logged in and added the video to watch later. I didn't click play or watch the video. Is there a way I can export the history to give you the exact URLs?

After the battery usage yesterday I cleared all Firefox data in application manager on my phone in case the problem was related to my settings. This did not help.
Today Firefox has been a little nicer. "Only" 26% battery used of which 42% by Firefox. About the same type of surfing as the previous days (opening links from Facebook, Twitter and Google Reader).

The first link I clicked opened Firefox, with only one page open it used about 10% of the battery. With Firefox in the background it used as much CPU as it could get, and about 105MB memory. Only tab open was from this link from Twitter: 

My battery is a brand new (one week today) Samsung Galaxy Extended Battery Kit (2000mAh). Before I upgraded the battery, it would be impossible to use Firefox due to the battery usage. On friday, saturday and sunday, the battery usage from Firefox was not problematic, but the way it's behaving now, I have to uninstall it so I can use the phone through an entire day without charging.
This issue is still current. Having a battery usage even when Firefox is unused. Or I see quite a few other battery bugs. Difficult to mention them while on mobile. Can someone prioritise this in older to put it on the radar?
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See everything tracking, there are plenty of things we should be fixing to drop power consumption.
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