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Thunderbird 18.0

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According to https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Performance/Profiling_with_the_Built-in_Profiler#Running_the_profiler, we just need to add:

ac_add_options --enable-profiling

to the .mozconfigs for our Daily's.
You may want to stop stripping the builds of symbols as well if you plan on symbolicating on Mac.
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Stab-in-the-dark patch

I'm not really savvy with our build config as it relates to our build machines, so I don't know if this patch does the job properly...

How's my driving?

Also, is there something I should be doing in here to stop stripping symbols, as Benoit suggests?
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Stab-in-the-dark patch

This is about right, but drop the comment and stick the line immediately under the signmar one, just like the Firefox mozconfigs (so that the diffs aren't too great).

We already have --disable-install-strip in the mac nightly mozconfigs, so we should be fine there.
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Patch v1

Good point - that comment didn't really add much.

Done and done.
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Patch v1

Whoops, wrong patch file - one sec...
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Patch v1
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Patch v1

Ok, this is the real-deal here.
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Patch v1

Excellent :-)

This can be landed with DONTBUILD in the comment, as it won't have any affect until the next nightlies.
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