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Steps to reproduce:

Clicked on this site:

Actual results:

Pop up appears saying "The link needs to be opened with an application." but dialer is not launched.

Expected results:

Dialer should launch.
I believe the only way to get the dialer to prompt is if the site is using the tel: intent URI/sheme in their links, and we might be abiding by that only, same with Chrome.

The code on the site is using: <a href="/call/+441293574900">, it seems to work fine in the stock browser but fails in Chrome.

Wes/Mark, thoughts?
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7 years ago
By the way, it works on the stock AOSP browser on CM7.

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7 years ago

any update on this?

I'm not sure what's expected. That's a valid url. We try to open it. The stock browser on my phone (an S3) actually does the same thing.

I can't find any telephone numbers that are linked on the web site you posted. There is one that isn't linked. We can/may/should look into automatically creating links for those somehow (see bug 566225, although I have some other ideas on how to fix that if someone is interested in grabbing that). I'll mark that as a mentor bug.

Comment 6

7 years ago
On my device the stock browser launches the dialer with the correct number, ready to be dialed.

The URL is "" and the number is +441293574900.

On Firefox all I get is the message "The link needs to be opened with an application." but the dialer is not launched.
What phone? Sounds like a bug in the stock browser then. They're not obeying IETF rules for what is a url.

They're not even sending the url to the phone dialer (i.e. it doesn't show up as a handler for that url for me). They're parsing the number out and sending it. 

I'm closing this as invalid because I don't think we can do this without breaking the web. I sent a message to the website detailing the bug and how to fix it. AFAICT, this is not a defacto standard and its not a real standard, and I don't think we should encourage its use on the web. The correct way to include a link to a telephone number is to use the tel protocol. i.e. tel:+441293574900
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