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[GitHub issue by jhford on 2012-07-19T20:18:59Z,]
When I scroll on a touch screen device, my expectation is that the content that I am scrolling is going to move such that it looks like my finger is 'attached' to a point in the content.  On my device with the latest Gaia, I've noticed that scrolling of content happens faster than my finger moves which causes it to look like the content is accelerating away from my finger.

This is most evident when scrolling a long list of things, like the settings list or a long webpage.  In an example of the dev market place, this happened enough that by the time I had moved my finger half way down the screen, the content that started under my finger was completely hidden at the bottom of the screen.

I don't know if this is a feature or not, but it's very strange for me as a multi-year touch screen user.

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6 years ago
[GitHub comment by jhford on 2012-07-20T18:50:29Z]
i noticed that this was tagged with 'browser'.  I should've said in the initial comment that I see it everywhere, even the settings app.
We have some inertia, but the scrolling is very much locked to my finger now. Please reopen with a video if this still exists.
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