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[Settings] Need 2G/3G preferred network type selection UI


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B2G C1 (to 19nov)
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[GitHub issue by vicamo on 2012-09-20T04:13:31Z,]
[Bugzilla 787420]( implements preferred network type selection by introducing new Settings API key "", possible values "gsm", "wcdma" and "wcdma/gsm". A debug is also available in the same page for function tests.
[GitHub comment by autonome on 2012-09-26T06:39:14Z]
We don't support CDMA for v1. Why does this block the release?
[GitHub comment by vicamo on 2012-09-26T17:08:13Z]
W-CDMA is not CDMA. Well, that's a long story, but it's the 3G network you used and GSM is the 2G one currently on B2G.
[GitHub comment by caseyyee on 2012-09-26T19:26:30Z]
In what cases would a user need to switch network types?   I would think that this should be automatic and always default to the fastest available network type.

If we need a control like this, it would make sense to put it into Settings -> Cellular & Data.

[GitHub comment by lco on 2012-09-26T23:13:55Z]
We could put it in the advanced section of Cellular/Data. See pg. 27:

But please let me know if this is definitely a requirement for v1.
[GitHub comment by evelynhung on 2012-09-27T11:33:47Z]
Is #3649 the same issue?
[GitHub comment by caseyyee on 2012-09-27T18:38:03Z]
@evelynhung this is a different issue.   The use case here is that switching to 2G could save battery life.

@clee can you confirm that this is required for V1?
[GitHub comment by clee on 2012-09-27T19:46:03Z]
@caseyyee Wrong clee. @cleemoz is the one you want :)
[GitHub comment by cleemoz on 2012-09-29T01:30:02Z]
I'd kick this to @dcoloma -- can you confirm if we need a 2G/3G toggle?
As a user, I would definitely love that feature, but I want to check if this a must have for device certification. 

Will come back to you soon.
We have just confirmed that it is a certification requirement.
I just want to emphasize that this setting must have three options and user must choose 1:
- Automatic mode: 2G/3G (default value)
- Only 2G
- Only 3G
Taking this, and will update the spec soon.
Assignee: nobody → lco
Dietrich, can you please assign to the engineer who'll work on this? The spec is finished.
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Assignee: lco → nobody
Flags: needinfo?(dietrich)
Tentatively assigning Kaze... Kaze, do you think you can take this? Thanks!
Assignee: nobody → kaze
@philikon the front-end side is trivial, but I’m not sure about the back-end side. If you feel confident about this I can do what it takes to make it work — including working a couple weeks in California.
(In reply to Fabien Cazenave [:kaze] from comment #16)
> @philikon the front-end side is trivial, but I’m not sure about the back-end
> side.

What besides bug 787420 is needed? I was under the impression we just need to implement a UI for the setting at this point.
If the back-end’s ready, that should be easy. Lemme see.
Awesome. Thanks! Basically, the '' setting can be one of these values:

Depends on: 787420
Priority: P1 → --
Priority: -- → P1
On latest build i tried changing the network from GSM to WCDMA using setting ''   and it works fine, but the data type is not changing from E to H.
Blocks: 808207
Duplicate of this bug: 808874
We're marking this bug with the C1 milestone since it follows the criteria of "unfinished feature work" (see

If this work is not finished by Nov19, this bug will need an exception and will be called out at the upcoming Exec Review.
Target Milestone: --- → B2G C1 (to 19nov)
kaze, whats the status here?
Keywords: feature
I’m finishing another bug atm, this one is next on my list. Should be done today.
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This issue fixed for  device Ungia; build #20121231070201 v.1
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