rebuild_kb doesn't kick off indexing tasks


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The rebuild_kb task doesn't kick of indexing tasks because we have this goofy de-duping code that creates the indexing tasks and clears the queue when a request is completed. Since celery tasks aren't running in an HTTP request context, it probably means the queue grows to a certain point and hangs out.

Ricky, James and I talked on IRC about this and it's not clear we want rebuild_kb to be reindexing things every 6 hours. That seems excessive since we're live indexing and rebuild the kb index once a night.

Ricky mentioned looking at register_for_indexing and not registering in the case of a celery task. That seems like a good idea.

Also, we might want to look at the de-duping code Andy just wrote for AMO. It's different and might solve the problem better.

Making this a 2 pointer. It involves verifying what we're assuming is true is true, then seeing what AMO did, then figuring out whether to rework the de-duping code or to fix register_for_indexing code.
Here's the commit Andy showed me yesterday:

It uses the request_finished signal, so that's pretty much what we're doing, too.
I have no idea if this is still an issue or not. If it is, then we should probably look into it.
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