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Today I was pointed at which is absolutely wonderful. Having this in my calendar really beats having to dig through the wiki pages to remind myself when uplift and releases are scheduled.

Would it be possible to have a separate calendar feed with *just* the Merge Day, Release, and (maybe) freeze events? The link above has a lot of meetings and Releng-internal targets. I'm glad there's a public feed with that information, for the most part they aren't important to me in my work as a normal gecko contributor, and make the calendar too noisy to leave displayed all the time.

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6 years ago
A link to the ics is provided at the bottom left, and could probably be filtered to only include the dates you'd like. Different people will want to know about different dates, so I think it makes the most sense to roll your own or look at other pages like to get the info you need.
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6 years ago
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6 years ago
Hi Alex. Can you explain what you mean by 'filtered'? The ics files was actually what I was referring to, having subscribed to that link in the Lightning calendar extension to Thunderbird. Is there a way to create a filtered calendar feed in Zimbra? The only way I know to "roll my own" is to write a script to munch the ics directly.

Since it seemed a generally useful thing, I hoped you'd be willing to maintain a separate feed for contributors outside Release Engineering.
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