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browser/components/tabview/browser_tabview_bug587503.js step 4 is fragile


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This test kicks off some tab manipulations by simulating drag and drop operations; for the last two, it moves a tab out of a group, then verifies that it's been moved out:

    // Test 3: Move the fifth tab outside the group.
    tab = aGroup.getChild(4);
    moveTabOutOfGroup(tab, aGroup, aCW);
    is(getTabNumbers(aGroup), "0,6,2,3,5,1", "Validate tab positions in test 3.");
    is(aCW.GroupItems.groupItems.length, 3, "Validate group count in test 3.");

Immediately after, it does:

   // Test 4: Move the fifth tab back into the group, on the second row.
   waitForTransition(tab, function() {
      moveTabInGroup(tab, 4, aGroup, aCW);
      is(getTabNumbers(aGroup), "0,6,2,3,4,5,1", "Validate tab positions in test 4.");

waitForTransition attaches an event listener for "transitionend" on tab.parent.container.  It then waits for that event with the target being that container, and continues.  This seems fragile -- there's no guarantee that the event that indicates that everything is how we want it to be is the ending of a random transition.
This explicitly drives the refresh driver forward, to ensure that animations succeed when we expect them to.
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Arg, damnit, I thought this fixed it but it's not enough.  I'm thinking to disable this test for now.
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Disabled it for now in but leaving open for investigation
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Panorama has been removed from Firefox 45, currently in Beta and scheduled for release on March 7th. As such, I'm closing all existing Panorama bugs.

If you are still using Panorama, you will see a deprecation message in Firefox 44, and when 45 is released your tab group data will be migrated to bookmarks, with a folder for each group. There are also a few addons offering similar functionality.

See for more info.

We're removing Panorama because it has extremely low usage (about 0.01% of users), and has a large number of bugs and usability issues. The cost of fixing all those issues is far too high to justify, and so we'll instead be focusing our time and energy on improving other parts of Firefox.
Closed: 4 years ago
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Product: Firefox → Firefox Graveyard
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