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Fix some permissions on symbols1.dmz.phx1 adobe symbols


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(Reporter: ted, Assigned: ericz)


We have Adobe uploading symbols for flash player to Unfortunately the umask there is really restrictive, so we've wound up with some permission issues.

[tmielczarek@symbols1.dmz.phx1 symbols_adobe]$ pwd
[tmielczarek@symbols1.dmz.phx1 symbols_adobe]$ ls -ld NPSWF32.pdb/CC0B55AE981F4A64B85F45E6E901D6C11
drwxr-x--- 2 adobe-symbols adobe-symbols 4096 Oct  3 14:51 NPSWF32.pdb/CC0B55AE981F4A64B85F45E6E901D6C11

Can you make all directories under symbols_adobe world-executable/readable, and all files world-readable? Something like:
find /mnt/netapp/breakpad/symbols_adobe -type f -exec chmod 644 \{} \;
find /mnt/netapp/breakpad/symbols_adobe -type d -exec chmod 755 \{} \;

should do the trick. We should also figure out how to prevent this from happening, either by making the umask less restrictive or using ACLs (if those work on NFS).
Or just cronjobbing it into submission.
This qualifies as more of a major issue for releases, since it's preventing us from analyzing the latest Flash pre-release version crashes.
Severity: normal → major
Assignee: server-ops → eziegenhorn
Permissions have been fixed.
Thanks, looks good. Do you want to use this bug to sort out a longer-term fix, or should we file a new one?
Actually it looks like we have some leftover ownership from when I was uploading these symbols:
[tmielczarek@symbols1.dmz.phx1 symbols_adobe]$ ls -ld NPSWF32.pdb/
drwxr-xr-x 55 tmielczarek users 8192 Oct  3 14:51 NPSWF32.pdb/

Can we `chown -r adobe-symbols.adobe-symbols /mnt/netapp/breakpad/symbols_adobe` as well?
Is the same permission issue occurring with the newest 11.4 version now?
I still see current crashes on that one not finding symbols, see e.g.
I'll look into the few leftover files and I was planning on leaving this bug open to investigate a long-term fix.
we are waiting for the directory permissions to be resolved.  currently, we are not able to write to them, including NPSWF32.pdb/NPSWF64.pdb/FlashPlayerPlugin.pdb/FlashPlayer-10.6.  thanks...
Ownership has been set to adobe-symbols:adobe-symbols.  umask has been changed to 0000 for this account by default so new files and dirs have permissions like:

-rw-rw-rw- 1 adobe-symbols users    0 Oct  9 12:26 test
drwxrwsrwx 2 adobe-symbols users 4096 Oct  9 12:26 test2

Will this suffice?
That sounds good, thanks!
Closed: 7 years ago
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Product: → Graveyard
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