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We're building some DFS shares to hold a bunch of data for the windows forest - MDT deployment shares, packages, scripts, etc.

Currently we're planning to just host this on some member servers.  Is there anything magic that NetApps can do to provide this storage directly as one of the replication nodes?

We'd like to use DFS both for availability and data-locality, including in places that don't have netapps, like offices, so a simple CIFS share on a NetApp isn't enough.

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6 years ago
I worked with DFS and NetApp at my last job. We used Server 2008 to provide the DFS magic bits and had it use a CIFS share on our NetApp infra for the actual storage. We can do that here, but there are two caveats:

(1) We'd have to buy the CIFS license for whichever NetApps you'd like to use. Currently none have it because we haven't needed it so far.

(2) NetApp doesn't provide any way to replicate data between the shares (except SnapMirror, but then all destinations are read-only, which I assume makes this unusable), so Windows Server would have to do that itself (which it can do, we had that working at my previous employer, too.)

Let me know how you'd like to proceed!
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OK, from IRC, it sounds like this is expensive and complicated, so probably overkill for our purposes right now.  It will be worth revisiting if we run into capacity or performance problems later.  Thanks!
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