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(Reporter: cjones, Assigned: dkuo)


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 (1) Open email app.
 (2) Compose new email to yourself
 (3) Press send
 (4) Press the "refresh" button to manually poll the server

The email is received, but it doesn't appear in the UI.  I could tell it was received because the scroll indicator flashed.  Since I was at the "top" of the email view, this was unexpected.

If I follow the same steps, but instead before step (4) go "all the way to the top", to the search bar, then when the email is received it appears.
Yeah, we fixup the scrollTop whenever inserting messages to avoid having stuff jump all over the screen.  (Although our use of scrollTop is potentially problematic per bug 796474.)

We have no UX guidelines for this right now, various candidates are (some of which I'm proposed before, some are new):
1) Icon in the header.  Works even if we are scrolled waaaay down the folder.
2) Glow at the top of the list in the background or something ambient-ish like that in the list.  Works when we are down the folder, although it may be confusing; varying the glow on distance may not be intuitive.
3) When we the message list is up-to-date (slice.atTop === true) and the newest message is currently visible, have the header show up so no scrolling is required, possibly using animation to make it less jarring to the user.
3b) Do enough so that the lip of the new message is visible.
4) Generate system-notifications in the 'refresh' icon case.  (Currently, all user-triggered synchronizations do not generate system-notifications because it is believed to be redundant.)
5) Use some type of in-app notification, possibly our banner mechanism, to allow the user to jump back up to the top of the list or something like that.
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QA - Does this still happen?
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Seems to be working
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(In reply to Mark Finkle (:mfinkle) from comment #3)
> Seems to be working

Yes, I think cjones' most specific request has been addressed.  We had a UI bug where we initially scrolled too far down; a fix for that has landed as part of bug 796730 so that we should be properly flush.  I think the things my broader list above touches on are still relevant, so I have filed bug 800402 to track that.

The push that fixed this is:
Assignee: nobody → dkuo
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6 years ago
Can't reproduce now
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gaia master: 608ba8a6a931322c96ac1cea7e02f4c4bf9d70fd
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6 years ago
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