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error uploading file for signing: File too large uploading Thunderbird Daily builds


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Since sometime yesterday, we've been getting this on Mac builds:

2012-10-08 02:43:47,443 - 3395fa97544068444c86a330eb5bf9407569e3e8: processing on
2012-10-08 02:43:47,463 - 3395fa97544068444c86a330eb5bf9407569e3e8: uploading for signing
2012-10-08 02:43:54,232 - 3395fa97544068444c86a330eb5bf9407569e3e8: error uploading file for signing: File too large
2012-10-08 02:43:55,234 - 3395fa97544068444c86a330eb5bf9407569e3e8: giving up after 20 tries

It might be good to also extend the "File too large" message with size & limit.
Found in triage.
Component: Release Engineering → Release Engineering: Automation (General)
QA Contact: catlee
This is currently stopping us getting Mac Nightlies out on Daily & Earlybird. Sorry I wasn't explicit about that before.
Severity: normal → blocker
Someone needs to verify that this isn't a packaging problem or something else artificially inflating the package. If that's not the case, then this value needs to be bumped up:

master-puppet1 will need to be updated with the change, and the signing servers will automatically reload themselves for it when they pick it up.
(In reply to Ben Hearsum [:bhearsum] from comment #3)
> Someone needs to verify that this isn't a packaging problem or something
> else artificially inflating the package.

According to FTP:

Firefox:     2012-10-07 = 46583640, 2012-10-08 = 48476361.
Thunderbird: 2012-10-07 = 48079959, 2012-10-08 = ?

According to my calculations, the next day should be around 50000000 for Thunderbird, which should still be a little shy of 52428800.

Can someone log onto a builder and confirm the size of the package?

It should be around build/objdir/mozilla/dist/ iirc.
find . -name -ls
237209661   106592 -rw-rw-rw-    1 cltbld           admin            54573314 10 Oct 07:39 ./objdir-tb/i386/mozilla/dist/universal/thunderbird/
It looks like the XUL file alone is 144MB unzipped, is that expected?

bld-lion-r5-058:MacOS cltbld$ pwd
bld-lion-r5-058:thunderbird cltbld$ cd
bld-lion-r5-058:MacOS cltbld$ du -sh XUL
144M	XUL
Quite possibly, we've don't strip symbols in nightlies, and the last Daily I have had a XUL of 139804480.
Ok, I think this is down to bug 790517 which added a whole load of webrtc stuff - about 10M of object files on my local 64-bit only directory.

I suspect, multiply that by two and compress into XUL, and you get the increase that pushed us over the limit.

So I think we can safely bump the limit knowing this is an increase in code size.
Blocks: 790517
Assignee: nobody → kmoir
We ran into this briefly on Saturday on one Try push we did of our staging patch-queue for the Webrtc/signaling landing, and we had a bunch of traffic with Callek and others trying to figure out what the limit was and what our options were.  But a later Try (with a few corrections for a bug in a Makefile) went green, as did all the other builds and our landing.

If there isn't a real reason for the limit of ~52MB, I agree with bumping it.
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deployed to puppet masters
This is now fixed, thanks.
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