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Enable Pymake on Mozilla 17 and ESR17


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This is something that Callek and Standard8 would like to do. We need a few patches ported over from 18 for that.
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Depending on tracking bug for 19-nov-2012 migration work.  Please unblock if this is incorrect.
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sid0, callek: will we have a patch ready this week?
I haven't worked on the pymake stuff directly so if it was me I'd be unlikely to have a patch ready this week. I just know from a releng standpoint (both SeaMonkey and ours) I'd like it.

I am a c-c build peer, so I can [help] review/approve stuff.
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Ok, so to set expectations:

Current Todo:

* (Comm-* Build Team): Write the build-system patches, get review, approval and land on Gecko 17 comm branch[es]
* (releng) Once above is done, enable pymake on comm-release/gecko17 comm branches

As a SeaMonkey driver, I would be willing/wanting to approve this patch for -release/whatever as soon as it is ready for the branch, but I don't personally have the time to work on this one at the moment. So hoping sid (or someone) can figure it out and get it fixed soon!
Since bug 799095 missed the 17 release, we're going to go ahead without pymake enabled and instead target ESR 17.0.1 and 18.0 mainstream.

We *can* turn it on prior to esr 17.0.1, but its not urgent to do so.
I'm pretty sure all the patches for this have landed. Please turn it on on the buildbot side.
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The only thing that's probably left is backing out bug 585011. I'm not sure if the backout made it to the 17 branch.
Given that we haven't done this yet, I don't think we ever will. We'll just have to live with GNU make on esr17 until it dies.
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