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If the unresponsive dialog has a URL that is too long, the action buttons are obscured. See screenshot - one can tell that there are two options, but can only guess OK or Cancel, and one has no idea which is which.

I think this happened on 2012-08-29 nightly, not sure if it still occurs now.

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6 years ago
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another screenshot

This screenshot shows the start of the overly long URL.
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This still happens on recent nightlies; I saw this when loading http://www.economist.com/blogs/charlemagne/2012/10/eu-summit-1 on a Galaxy Nexus
I haven't looked at this. Un-Assigning, but AFAICT its an Android bug. We tell it "Show a dialog with this text and these buttons", and its not laying things out correctly for long unbroken strings....

Fixing it would likely require re-implementing portions of their dialog code to use a custom view (with a custom TextView?) inside.
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