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6 years ago
Currently, two Persona articles out of three show Firefox as product, some articles about Apps display Firefox OS as product. It may mislead the user: I want to install an App on Firefox for Android but only a Firefox OS article shows up:

Here are simple rules to follow by decreasing priorities:
1. Services (Persona, Marketplace) have priority over other products
2. Firefox has priority over other products
3. Firefox for mobile and Firefox OS have the same priority and a new mobile Firefox product with for instance the Firefox OS logo is displayed (currently doesn't exit because of rule #1).

Comment 1

6 years ago
As the only thing in common between Firefox for mobile and Firefox OS except Apps is the browser, rule #3 should be:
3. Firefox for mobile has priority over other products

Note: I shouldn't have replaced Firefox for mobile by Firefox for Android in mobile articles following what was said in because Firefox for Mobile articles will be also categorized as Firefox OS soon.
This sounds reasonable, and unless there is a better way we should do this. Thanks, Scoobi!
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Comment 4

6 years ago
Can we use the display order on the Product model to implement this? Like display the product with the lowest display order on the article?

Or perhaps we can have a new attribute like 'topic-priority' for each Product that does a similar thing 

I don't want to hardcode rules corresponding to specific products in the code.
I'm not sure if it makes sense to tie this to the display order, but it makes sense to add an attribute to products to denote their scope (assuming that's what you mean with 'topic-priority' for each Product)
Moving to next sprint due to sprint being full.
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If we want to go with the "topic-priority" field, then this is probably a 2 pointer. It entails modifying the table to add the field, adding some text to the admin making it clear what the field is for, and modifying the templates to take account of the field when figuring out which product to show.

Having said that, I kind of think we should be showing all the products an article applies to rather than picking just one. That seems weird to me and it seems like this hack won't scale as we add more products that have more complex relationships with each other.
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Assigning to backlog for an appropriate sprint.
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I agree with Will. I think it is weird to choose a single product to show when the article really applies to multiple products. Regardless of which product we show, there will be some people who are reading the article to learn something about the product we did not show, otherwise, why do we have it marked as being applicable to both products?
Since we are moving to a more strict hierarchy this bug might be obsolete. Leaving it open for now while to revisit after the implementation of the strict hierarchy.
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I am responding to Scoobidiver’s question on bug 796957 comment 9. But in essence, I agree with the fact that this problem could potentially disappear or become a non-issue when we deploy a strict hierarchy.

Comment 12

6 years ago
(In reply to Kadir Topal [:atopal] from comment #10)
> Since we are moving to a more strict hierarchy this bug might be obsolete.
There will always be cross-platform articles such as
For a service like Mozilla Persona or Marketplace, if mono-product it won't be searchable by browsing (the Mozilla Persona topic was created for that).
How-to-contribute, Navigation, Administration and Template articles are usually multi-products.
The article mentioned in comment 0 has been renamed and redirected to a Firefox OS article. I'm not sure what should be done more here.
:jsavage should we close this bug? because wontfix or it is fixed ?
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It seems fixed now that we have a hierarchy.
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