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wrapped nick causes extra height on secondary lines


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Thunderbird 19.0


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Attached patch use display:none (obsolete) — Splinter Review
When a user's nick wraps, that message line becomes double-height (to display the nick).  However, when the nick is hidden (because it's a subsequent message from the same user), that extra height is still used.

The attached patch switches it from visibility:hidden to display:none to avoid this.
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use display:none

This looks good and does for what it is made. But it would be better to stop wrapping the nick. When a wrapped nick sends only a short sentence like 'ping' or 'okay', it still uses two lines for the nick.

A .pseudo (white-space: nowrap;) would stop the wrapping and abbreviate the wrappable nicks like normal long nicks.

Please could you do a patch like this? You can also include your first patch in the new patch.
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Actually, with .pseudo { white-space: nowrap; }, I don't even need the display: none change anymore; everything has at least one line anyway, so whether it's visibility: hidden or display: none doesn't matter very much.

Of course, this means that if the _contents_ first line does wrap, the name still wouldn't.  Ah well, I don't think there's a sensible way of fixing that.
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set white-space: nowrap on .pseudo

This looks good. r+

Thank you for the patch
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setting checkin-needed will make this patch land in the tree.
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... I hope I haven't screwed up pushing things!
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