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|make reftest-remote| with adb manager stopped working recently


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I was able to run reftest-remote as of about a week ago, but it's not working today.  I see the harness start up, and it downloads my reftest.list file through the fennec DL manager, but after that it hangs.

(Aside: I forgot to specify the reftest.list file explicitly with my first command line, and it somehow ended up launching the mochitest harness ;).)
At least part of the problem here is bug 800655. I couldn't run reftests without some of the patches in that bug applied.

Unfortunately cjones seems to be having issues running the reftests even with my patches applied. 

<cjones> wlach, different things happen, but same result --- download reftest.list through fennec DL mgr, then hang
<cjones> wlach, I/ActivityManager( 2497): Starting activity: Intent { act=android.intent.action.VIEW dat=file:///mnt/sdcard/Download/reftest-1.list typ=application/octet-stream flg=0x4000000 }

I have no idea why this is happening to him. It definitely isn't on my end. Possible that something landed on inbound since my last build (I'm using m-c git up to "Bug 799648 - Followup followup: Add the line back where it was meant to be" from Ms2Ger) which broke mimetype detection? Very strange.
Depends on: 800655
Severity: normal → S3
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