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Need Ash for a B2G Automation Staging area for aurora


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With B2G moving to aurora, we need an aurora based tree that we can use as an automation staging area to ensure that our automation landings on aurora do not regress any existing automation.

We would like an aurora based project branch. Looking in the wiki, it appears that Ash is currently unused (the reservation timed out last March).  

What else do we need to do to make this happen. Ideally I want this active in the week of October 15, 2012.
That is fine with me. -CC:bsmith
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Depends on: 801612
If the idea is to avoid regressions on B2G's trains, I suspect we need to keep Android NoIon builds/tests on ash as well, clint does that sound accurate?
Yeah, let's keep android no-ion builds, but we don't need android ARMv6 or Android ARMv7 on Ash.

We will need desktop and talos tests as well. We will be changing test harness code and while Talos should be pretty insulated from the changes we are making, I'd rather take a "better safe than sorry" approach here if we have the CPU cycles to do so.
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Feel free to start using the repo but I will have to double check some stuff.

I will have to look if there are any assumptions of buildbot-configs treating Ash as mozilla-central based repository.

I see all of the armv6 and armv7 tests going orange.
Probably best to disable them if I can't get them green.
I will look into this on Monday.
Resolution: FIXED → ---
I have hidden test and talos for Android until we can green them out OR disable ARMV6 and ARMv7 (as indicated comment 3).

I have also hidden builders that are hidden on mozilla-aurora.
The android failures are just the usual, branding, trying to run an org.mozilla.fennec when what we built was an org.mozilla.fennec_aurora. By far the simplest thing to do would be to just land a patch to change (and all the others, ../android-armv6/nightly etc.) to --with-branding=mobile/android/branding/nightly so we build an org.mozilla.fennec. Otherwise you'll have to mess with which will be substantially less fun.
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philor I see what you're saying but I would rather get ash to be as similar to aurora as possible (knowing that this is to b2g) and risk missing reverting this when passing it to another group when they loan ash.

Thanks a lot for the directions!
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in production
I've unhidden the Armv6 and Armv7 2.2 jobs.
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