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mobile 'make package' generates a bunch of sed errors; fails to strip comment lines from properties files


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During "make package" for fennec (Android) on OS X, I'm seeing a series of error messages from sed, as below:

cd ../../../dist/fennec && find chrome -type f -name *.properties -exec sed -i '/^#/d' {} \;
sed: 1: "chrome/chrome/content/l ...": command c expects \ followed by text
sed: 1: "chrome/en-US/locale/bra ...": command c expects \ followed by text
sed: 1: "chrome/en-US/locale/en- ...": command c expects \ followed by text
sed: 1: "chrome/en-US/locale/en- ...": command c expects \ followed by text
...and many more.

It appears that sed is interpreting '/^#/d' as the backup-file extension for the -i option, and then interpreting the intended target file from the find command's "{}" as a sed command line, so it's failing to actually remove the comment lines as intended.

The attached patch provides an explicit empty backup-file extension, so that the sed arguments are interpreted as intended.
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Hmm, the patch here resolves the problem when building on OS X, but I don't think it'll work on Linux; it looks like sed there does not allow a space before the (optional) file extension, whereas the BSD-ish version on OS X requires a space and the extension. Sigh.
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How about replacing the sed command with perl? That should have a more consistent command line syntax, I hope.
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fix sed errors generated by MOZ_POST_STAGING_COMMAND during 'make package' for mobile

Looks ok. BTW, we have a $(PERL) variable - that should probably be used if it works.
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Yup, $(PERL) looks good - pushed with that change:
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