Google Translates read-out-function stops abruptly after a few passages when dealing with longer (article-sized) texts




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Steps to reproduce:

Put the main text of an article (e.g. ) into the input field of (english to japanese) and used the text to speech ("listen") function to let it read either the original or the translated text out to me

Actual results:

the japanese version of the reading stopped at しませんし (around the middle of the translated text) and the english version at "do not experience significant problems" (similar progress, but the place the voice stops seems to vary from attempt to attempt). The problem also occurs with German and probably every other language. 

I suspect an streaming error

Expected results:

Googles Chrome browser reads the whole thing in either language and so should firefox
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Do you still see this issue? Tried this on Ubuntu with the latest beta version and this works fine for me. Used the same article.
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6 years ago
(In reply to Virgil Dicu [:virgil] [QA] from comment #1)
I personally still experience the problem (Meanwhile in Aurora19.0a2). Unfortunately i can't really verify if it's a general issue or a very specific one with my personal setup (OS, Router, ISP etc). All i can tell is that i'm getting this bug only in firefox (since version 4 iirc) and unrelated to addon usage. Also, as said, it's a very random mess, since it seems like the point the speech cuts out varies from try to try. So it can be that you get lucky and an longer article gets readen completely for a change every once in while
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It might make sense to try this in safe mode as well (Help-Restart with add-ons disabled) and see if you can reproduce.
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Is this still reproducible?
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