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Initialize mDoorHangerPopup in WebApp, not GeckoApp


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We currently initialize mDoorHangerPopup with a BrowserApp-specific DoorHangerPopup in BrowserApp, and a generic fallback DoorHangerPopup in GeckoApp. Instead, we should delegate doorhanger popup initialization to the WebApp/BrowserApp subclasses.

To do this, we need to make sure that GeckoApp can handle a null mDoorHangerPopup, but it looks like that might already be true.

See bug 800199 comments 5-8 for more context.
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Comment on attachment 695645 [details] [diff] [review]
Patch that initializes mDoorHangerPopup in WebApp, not GeckoApp

Review of attachment 695645 [details] [diff] [review]:

Thanks for the patch! There's just one change I'd like you to make before we land this.

Note to myself: I double-checked that we have null checks before ever referencing mDoorHangerPopup, so this is a safe change to make.

::: mobile/android/base/
@@ +261,5 @@
>      @Override
>      protected void initializeChrome(String uri, boolean isExternalURL) {
>          super.initializeChrome(uri, isExternalURL);
> +        mDoorHangerPopup = new DoorHangerPopup(this, null);

Now that this is moved into BrowserApp, you can actually call the constructor with the correct anchor view:

@@ +266,4 @@
>          mBrowserToolbar.updateBackButton(false);
>          mBrowserToolbar.updateForwardButton(false);
>          mDoorHangerPopup.setAnchor(mBrowserToolbar.mFavicon);

So you could just replace this line with a call to the constructor that passes in mBrowserToolbar.mFavicon.
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Comment on attachment 695749 [details] [diff] [review]
Patch that initializes mDoorHangerPopup in WebApp, not GeckoApp

Awesome, thanks!
Attachment #695749 - Flags: review?(margaret.leibovic) → review+
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Backed out in for bustage like : DoorHangerPopup(org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoApp,android.view.View) is not public in org.mozilla.gecko.DoorHangerPopup; cannot be accessed from outside package
        mDoorHangerPopup = new DoorHangerPopup(this, null);
Mavericks, sorry I missed you on IRC. Are you having any luck looking into this? Does it build properly for you locally? It seems like a weird error because all these classes should be in the org.mozilla.gecko package.

Maybe something is going wrong with pre-processing the package name in Wes, do you know anything about this stuff?
Can you confirm that you're still working on this bug?
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Assignee: kshriram18 → nobody
The patch here doesn't apply anymore, and it looks like the change needs to be moved to

However, we still need to figure out what caused the failure on inbound, so this probably isn't a good mentor bug anymore.
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Mavericks, let me know if you need more help here. Do you have commit access to try server? It might be good to rebase this patch and push it to try to see if it still fails.
Assignee: kshriram18 → nobody
Margaret, I'd like to start showing this bug around - in your judgement can this work be salvaged, or would it be better to start from scratch? Is it still relevant?
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(In reply to Mike Hoye [:mhoye] from comment #12)
> Margaret, I'd like to start showing this bug around - in your judgement can
> this work be salvaged, or would it be better to start from scratch? Is it
> still relevant?

Looking through the code, I think this issue was actually addressed by bug 943915.

I don't think this is actually an issue anymore, so I'm going to close this as WORKSFORME.
Closed: 7 years ago
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Thank you!
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