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Plugin click-to-play "don't ask again for this site" checkbox does not work for file URIs


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Steps to reproduce:

I loaded an html file on sdcard (file:///sdcard/index.html) that uses a plugin via the <object> tag. When a pop-up appeared asking whether I wanted to run the plugin, ensured that the "don't show again" checkbox was checked and clicked "Yes"

Actual results:

Pretty much nothing happened. adb logcat shows a js error from nsIPermissionManager.add.

Expected results:

The plugin should be run, and potentially the pop-up should not appear for subsequent tries.
This is one way of fixing the bug. Simply don't show the checkbox for URIs that do not have a host.

Other way of fixing would be to alter permission manager to use something else as a key, if host is null.
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(In reply to Santtu Lakkala from comment #1)
> Other way of fixing would be to alter permission manager to use something
> else as a key, if host is null.

I think this is the right way to go.
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(In reply to David Keeler from comment #2)
> I think this is the right way to go.

See bug 204285. Particularly bug 204285 comment 34, where sicking had some objections to this approach.
So I think the best fix would be to take the front-end fix to just disable the menu item when it doesn't work, and leave the permission manager changes to another bug (bug 204285 I guess?).
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patch to modify permission manager

Ok - we'll have to make the front-end changes in browser-plugins.js as well.
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Patch that removes the checkbox for URIs with no host

Sorry for the slow review! This looks good to me. Please also add a comment explaining that we need a valid to set a permission, so that's why we're doing this check.

Note to myself, this won't break the callback functions because aChecked will just be null instead of false:
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Patch with a comment =)
Awesome, thanks!

I was going to check your patch in for you now, but the tree is closed because of build infrastructure issues. Since I can't land the patch right now, you could create a patch that's formatted to be checked in and practice using the checkin-needed keyword. See:
Patch in better format.
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Thanks! I also added "r=margaret" to the end of the commit message, since all commit messages need to include a reviewer.

This will be merged to mozilla-central soon, and then work its way into Firefox 19.
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Now that bug 815640 has landed and file URIs can be used by the permission manager, maybe we should revert this.
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