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CC graph size regression possibly because of some JS changes in UI




6 years ago
6 years ago


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For some reason I'm seeing significantly larger CC graphs especially
if I have many tabs open. Each tabs seems to add quite a bit to the graph.
This is with Nightly (which doesn't yet have the eventlistenermanager nor framemessagemanager related changes I landed earlier today.)
Lots of JS stuff.
...which seem to be coming from newtab.js
I wonder if we have changed something there
Doesn't seem to be anything recent. I wonder why I haven't noticed this before.
So what does that mean? What exactly is newtab.js doing wrong?
It is probably not doing anything wrong, but for some reason the stuff in it end up
to the graph. Perhaps that is the bug with XULprototypescript which Andrew has been
looking at.
But there is also something else. Each tab seems to add about 300 objects to the graph.
I think that number has gone up. Maybe it is gradual regression.
And now I'm not seeing the stuff in the graph. Odd.
Though, the latest Nightly has few optimizations.
So I think I figured this out.
each about:newtab ends up adding 350 objects to the graph. But the problem is all about
XULPrototypeNode and we have existing bug about that.
Last Resolved: 6 years ago
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