Add-on Manager remains blank after installing an add-on from a direct install link




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6 years ago
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Add-on Manager page

Firefox 18.0a1 (2012-10-18)
Device: Galaxy S2
OS: Android 4.0.3

I am still not sure how to reproduce this issue, but I performed these steps both on the latest Beta (twice) and Nightly (once) build and I was able to reproduce it:

1. Go to AMO and tap on any add-on
2. Long tap on the Install button and bookmark it
3. Go to about:addons in a new tab
4. In a new tab, go to and tap on any news
5. Tap on URL Bar > Bookmarks and tap on the saved bookmark from step 2
6. Install the add-on
7. Go to the Add-on Manager tab and refresh it

Expected result:
Default search engines and the installed add-on are displayed.

Actual result:
Nothing is displayed after step 7 (see attached screenshot).

After I quit and reopen the Firefox, the Add-on Manager was displayed correctly.
Those are pretty convoluted steps; anything simpler?

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6 years ago
(In reply to Aaron Train [:aaronmt] from comment #1)
> Those are pretty convoluted steps; anything simpler?

Not yet :( it's not easy to reproduce. I will try to find some certain STR.

Comment 3

5 years ago
Simpler STR:

1. Install an add-on 
2. Go to about:addons and reload the page.

This is also happening on about:downloads page if you download something and you refresh the page.
status-firefox18: --- → affected

Comment 4

5 years ago
I can replicate this every time on a Galaxy Note (Android 4.1.2).
Don't need to install a new add-on; just going to about:addons creates this issue.

The following issues may or may not also be linked:

(1) Selected text is not highlighted in orange when trying to copy (

(2) Normal tabs (i.e. not just about:addons) also appear blank (white) frequently.
(In reply to bug.zilla from comment #4)
> I can replicate this every time on a Galaxy Note (Android 4.1.2).
> Don't need to install a new add-on; just going to about:addons creates this
> issue.

Which version of Firefox are you testing with?

Comment 6

5 years ago
Today's Nightly, so that's 20.0a1, latest at the time of writing.

Comment 7

5 years ago
Some additional information:

if about:addons is the very first page visited, in a new session of Firefox, then it works fine.

However after browsing some other pages and returning to about:addons then the problem appears, i.e. a blank page, or if the page is not blank then no touches are registered when clicking on any addons.
When in the Add-ons manager, if you trigger a repaint via orientation change by just rotating your device, does the problem resolve itself?

Comment 9

5 years ago
Actually, yes it does and that also happens on the other blank tabs I've been experiencing.
Thanks, this sounds like the bug I filed 807299, a tiling graphics issue.
Last Resolved: 5 years ago
Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE
Duplicate of bug: 807299
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