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Provide a tree visualization of all articles (MDN index)



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5 years ago
3 years ago


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5 years ago
On we currently list all articles (paginated).

While it's nice to have a list of all pages, they are not arranged in a neat way.
For reorganizing work / structuring our docs, a tree view might be more helpful (and I think structuring is an ongoing process, so having a dump of all pages is okay for now, but probably doesn't help in the longer term).

How about having all top-level docs (directly under /docs/) listed on and have links to e.g. which is then a list of pages in that level. Of course list pages which have no sub pages along with the "/all/<page>" links.

So e.g. on the index list has entries like: (has sub pages) (single page in the XUL/ level) (single page in the XUL/ level)
...and so forth.

We need some filtering happen here as well.
* don't list redirect pages (bug 763307)
* don't list "User:", "User:Talk", "Talk:" pages
* don't list templates

I don't know if the implementation of this feature is dependent or at least should be considered when fixing bug 773304 or bug 775527.

Comments? Ideas?


5 years ago
Depends on: 763307
Something like this would be good. I'd like to have some kind of browseable tree view of the site available.
Component: Dashboards → Design / user experience
Summary: Tree view of all articles (MDN index) → Provide a tree visualization of all articles (MDN index)
Did we end up doing this with KumaScript?
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(In reply to John Karahalis [:openjck] from comment #2)
> Did we end up doing this with KumaScript?

No, and doing it with KumaScript is problematic. While we could create it, the script would take an inordinately long time to run and would need to be run periodically to stay up to date. This needs to be done in-platform.
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There was some tool started by David Bruant. We likely should build on that. (it is on github)
Cancelling need info for Florian as Sheppy answered.
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3 years ago
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